Tallbacka Trädgård/Dialog


For tens of years I have been picking plants for herbal infusions. Sometimes I have dried them as well. When I was studying to become a gardener I became interested in herbs and built the first small herb beds and so this has become the most important use of herbs for me. Requirements have risen over the years. The purity of raw materials, how easy they are to grow, their cultural history, the taste, colour and smell of the drink as well as the concepts connected with the herbal infusions – all these are important.

We started to build a “tea tower” at the turn of the years 2019-2020, a construction where we wanted to test interesting and promising herbs for infusions.

We made mistakes with the technical side of cultivation and the area cultivated was very small even though the purpose was to experiment. We became acquainted with herbs we hadn’t known before, for instance common horehound and American wild basil. We composed three herbal blends for Olof’s day in the summer as tasters: SKYMNINGEN (Twilight) as an evening infusion, SÖTNOS (Sweetheart) sweet and wonderful and REHAB JO JO to recharge the batteries. The results were rather even with all infusions having there own band of followers. We made a few adjustments in the autumn and made a few new mixes for Christmas but the new season can start from a clearer position. The areas of cultivation for salvia, winter savory and peppermint will be appreciably enlarged and the hops and mallows will continue to play an important roll.

Herbal infusions will hardly be our main product – they are a lot of work, but we shall continue to develop Tallbacka Teddy’s herbal infusions.