Tallbacka Trädgård/Dialog



We have 9 varieties of plums and this year we are going to get cherry plum varieties. Why?

Altogether 1420 in the Shire was a marvellous year. Not only was there wonderful sunshine and delicious rain, in due times and perfect measure, but there seemed something more: an air of richness and growth … The fruit was so plentiful that young hobbits very nearly bathed in strawberries and cream; and later they sat on the lawns under the plum-trees and ate, until they had made piles of stones like small pyramids or the heaped skulls of a conqueror, and then they moved on.” (The Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King by J. R. R. Tolkien)

That’s why.


In our logo the Tallbacka Teddy bites into a cherry and this was not chosen for just aesthetic reasons. There is something wild, beautiful and fascinating about a cherry. We have four varieties of sour cherry and so far only one of sweet cherry. This summer we are looking for a companion for Arthur, probably Leningrad black. They all grow beside the old gardens diagonal path. When I planted them I had in mind an arched canopy of cherry blossom. We have realised that the trees came a little too close to the path itself and that it’s not worth sowing vegetables by their roots. I’ll be wiser next summer by leaving a large enough circle of flowers around the tree trunk. I think they will be Nasturtiums.