Tallbacka Trädgård/Dialog


Dialog fi started as a consulting company concerned with judicial trusteeship and work guidance and within the audio-visual sector

In August 2015 things changed when Outi Öhman acquired the properties Tallbo 3:182 and Tallbacka 3:183. The garden and its cultivation became a new part of the company’s domain. The total area for cultivation is 4600 m² of a possible 6730 m². In 2018 a decision was made to begin a small holding primarily concerned with the production of berries, soft fruits and herbs.

This decision is based on earlier experience of garden cultivation as Outi is a gardener by trade and the fact that the earth and our geographical position are both suitable for commercial cultivation. Nothing has been grown here for the last 20 years and only some of the existing berry bushes and apple trees could be saved.

Basic business concept

Our concept is to produce food of a high quality in an ecologically sustainable manner and we grow many kinds of berries, herbs, vegetables and fruit. We have planted 40 hazel and oak trees with truffle-treated roots to be able to produce truffles. The garden has been planned in an aesthetic way to attract visitors. This means that we welcome groups who want to acquaint themselves with sustainable production on a local scale.

We want to support all-round cultivation according to the concepts like permaculture and forest gardening. The surplus from the garden goes to local restaurateurs Tom Hildén (Matglad), Eva Johansson (Matmalmen Eva) and Patrik Lindström (Hunger och Törst). At the moment we produce herbal infusions and honey which are sold locally and to garden visitors.

Fma DIALOG fi 2002/ parallell name 2018: Tallbacka trädgård

Dialog fi has FO-number 2008148-5 obtained on 2.7.2002. The firm was under tax management from 21.12.2005 and was noted in the Company Register 28.3.2007 and tax register 1.12.2019. The parallel name of Tallbacka Trädgård was granted 1.1.2018 as well as a status of primary producer.