Tallbacka Trädgård/Dialog


During the spring of 2020 a customer asked if we could try growing edible flowers, so we started. The idea was trendy and pleasant. Ecologically grown and locally produced flowers would complement our other plants well and also complement our other thoughts of producing pure delicacies. It was also something new to learn.

We had 17 promising kinds of flowers to begin with and during the summer we got more experience and feedback. The results were variable. They didn’t all succeed. Sweet Violet and wild pansy, for instance, hardly germinated at all. We have chosen day lilies, all sorts of mallow, borage, pot marigold and our absolute favourite nasturtium for the coming season. The year 2021 is the year of the pumpkin so we will be putting a lot of effort into them and as a special offer we will also have pumpkin flowers.